Thursday, December 17, 2009


Yes, I'm still awake, and yes, still not home, but my day just turned around. I felt a very strong pain in my rib cage, right underneath my bottom right rib, and when I touched it, I definitely, for the first time ever, felt what was 100% a foot. I always read about these mothers that know when they're touching a hand or foot or other body part, and I always feel like crap because to me, it's all a big mass causing discomfort, other than what is obviously either her bottom or head (what I now know is her bottom, since she's head down). But I just felt what is absolutely, 100%, my baby's foot. And despite my insane jealousy at all the celebs and other mommy bloggers and just generally everyone having their babies before me, I must say that I am pretty content being pregnant right now since I can still make out my baby's foot inside me, and of all the things about pregnancy I hate, I can honestly say that I'll miss her movements. And her hiccups.

So. Cute.

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  1. awww...that is too cute! I am almost 34 weeks and I was just thinking how sad it is that I can feel "parts" but have no idea what they are! But maybe there is still hope :) Hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow!!..after all it is Friday...that has to make it better!


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