Saturday, December 5, 2009

Belly Shots: 36 Weeks! & Other News (SNOW!)

First things first, here's my belly as of five seconds ago :) It's all covered in burnt orange in anticipation of the Big 12 Championship game this evening vs. Nebraska. Hook 'em!

I'm seriously starting to wonder how much this kiddo weighs...

Now that we got that out of the way, here's some other big news...look what we woke up to:

Laugh all you want, Northerners, but I guarantee you there'll be an entire page in my scrapbook dedicated to us getting a bit of 'snow', and I'll be telling Baby B about it for years to come :P D, having a sense of humor that's similar to mine and being as shocked as I was that I had slept nearly eight straight hours only waking up once, took one look outside and said, "So I guess hell froze over?" I love that guy.

Now if I can just coax little (perhaps not so little?!) Baby B out, this day will be fantastic. Although if I had to choose between her coming this weekend, or Texas taking the Big 12 title and advancing to the National Championship, sorry Baby B but you're stuck in there until at least Monday! How fantastic would it be for Baby B to be born during a national championship year? What a great omen for our future longhorn, not to mention that she has longhorn EVERYTHING, so she'll be perfectly attired for the big game from her hat to her bib to her booties :)

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