Sunday, December 20, 2009

Over the Weekend...

This weekend was absolutely nonstop. Saturday we ran a ton of errands, seeing as how I had finally been able to get eight (very interrupted) hours of sleep, and we wanted to capitalize on our last guaranteed Saturday pre-baby to get things done!

We started with my salon, since I wanted to get my highlights touched up. Hey, just because I'm about to be a new mom doesn't mean I have to look the part, right?! If you think I'm gonna take post-delivery pics with some trashy roots, you've got another thing coming :) While I was there, D was nice enough to go and get my oil changed (hooray), since my previous efforts had resulted only in a long, frustrating wait. After we wrapped that up, we went to lunch at Tino's Greek Cafe (man does this kid love Greek food!), and then went to look at an Acura that D has his eye on. Unfortunately it was sold, so the search continues :( We also needed to swing by Babies R Us to replace the breast pump tubing in the pump I bought, but that didn't work out either, since they don't carry the parts. Instead the referred me to Special Addition, a nursing (nazi) boutique downtown, and I'll have to swing by tomorrow. Wah. Our last stop was at Whole Foods for Evening Primrose Oil capsules and Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, both rumored not to bring on actual labor, but to help ready things a bit. It couldn't hurt, right?! I've actually been having contractions that were stronger and more regular today, so it may be working, it may be coincidence, but I'm feeling happy!

Today was another doozy of a day, starting off with Father Jeffrey's goodbye service. I should clear up that he is retiring as interim rector of my church, as opposed to having passed away. Although the way I cried at that service today, you would've thought the latter. While I have only been attending St. James Episcopal since May, I've grown to really love Father Jeffrey, and he has had a great impact on my life in the past seven months. In fact, he will be baptizing Baby B in January even though he is retired, as he blessed me and the baby both at 8 weeks (that I would have a blessed and continued pregnancy) and again today (that God watch over me, D, Baby B, and our hospital attendants during the birth and following), and I give him significant credit for being as fortunate during this pregnancy as I have been. After church there was a luncheon with an open mic, and as strongly as I shy away from public speaking, I actually got up and said a few words of thank you and to tell him how much he would be missed (all while crying, unfortunately) Oh well. I'm pregnant - I have a stereotype to perpetuate!

After that I had to run by a house to attend to some dogsitting duties, and now I am babysitting for the next couple of hours while the D's attend a Christmas party. What can I say - I just can't say no. Had you asked me if I'd still be picking up extra hours at 38 weeks pregnant back in May, I would've laughed in your face. Hell, I would've laughed in your face just weeks ago. But I like being able to do things like this to help the people in my life that I care about, and to help bring a little financial security to the table, and as shocking as it is to think about, I think I might miss these opportunities once I am no longer able to. Or maybe I'm just too emotional and sentimental for my own good during these final weeks of pregnancy?

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and I'm so excited to say that (tentatively and with a little hope and faith and major prayers!) this time next week, we'll be enjoying our last pre-baby night together and readying ourselves (and our hospital bags) for the delivery of our baby! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


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